MASieraad is taking a new direction  

In 2024, after having delivered 2 cohorts of talented international Master students at PXL-MAD in Hasselt, and 1 cohort at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, MASieraad will make a re-start based on the commitment of people involved, alumni, teachers, the board of the foundation, and others. The multi-layered history of our teaching, and the individuality of the artists and others connected with MASieraad is our base.

We don’t call it a collective, nor a community, or a platform, but we like to see it as a conceptual model, a vehicle that is moving forward, in which people can join, and which is open to initiatives and fresh ideas. The coexistence of multiple visions is central. We cherish the wish to express ourselves in jewellery or otherwise in connection with people, and drawing on our social, political and spiritual consciousness.

MASieraad aims to promote contemporary jewellery in a broad sense. We build upon the power of Dutch jewellery design and strongly believe in the innovative power of our alumni and of (jewellery) design. We can start sowing again in the plowed land that has now been created.

We envisage a flexible, nomadic future instead of depending on a fixed base. As of June 2024, when our last students have graduated, MASieraad will continue as an independent entity, aimed at promoting the education in jewellery by offering collaborations with different Dutch and international MA programs in various ways; post-graduate education and residencies are among our goals.

At the same time different types of education will be offered to open the secluded jewellery niche, to inspire and stimulate interest.

We continue with our alumni who will help shape new ideas and initiatives. They have a closer contact to the field and know what is urgent, while the senior MASieraad people, board and teachers, can offer their experience, knowledge and network. We are happy to welcome Chequita Nahar as a new member on our board.

It is a work in progress.

Please join us on our journey. You can find us on Instagram.

MASieraad 21-02-2024

What is MASieraad?
MASieraad is based on the premise that there is no such thing as the ‘right’ jewellery.

MASieraad is about the small concentrated object in relation to the body.

We question the small object;
whether it wants to be small,            
whether it wants to be worn,
whether it may be applied or              
whether it prefers to be viewed?

The path to a piece of jewelry is never obvious, just like the path to a product or a work of art. It can get there, or somewhere else by questioning it. 

10 statements
1 Badge of honour
MASieraad cherishes the word sieraad (jewelry) as a badge of honor because we want to reclaim the universal relevance of jewellery.
2 Palpable
The dominance of screens and keyboards make people long for more physical and tangible experiences.
3 Human
Jewellery designers, makers and artists deal with all bodily, mental, spiritual, social and political aspects of being human.
4 Profoundness
Through its small scale, concentration and intimacy in connection with people, jewellery has the power of deepening.
5 Learning model
MASieraad recognizes the making of jewellery as thinking through jewellery. Therefore it is innovative and applicable in other disciplines.
6 Questioning
The path to a piece of jewelry is never obvious, just like the path to a product or a work of art. It can get there, or somewhere else by questioning it. 
7 Connecting
Jewellery is part of society, ritual, history and the future. It is studied in art history, archeology, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, phenomenology, aesthetics, semantics, and material culture. It has to do with art, craft, design and fashion. It is subject to crime, conflict, colonialism, greed, and mining. Jewellery connects worlds and cultures.
8 Versatile
MASieraad is based on the premise that there is no such thing as the ‘right’ jewellery.
9 Challenge
We are looking for headstrong students who can challenge us in every possible way.
We are looking for energetic students who are not afraid for living and working in the secludedness of a small Belgian town, to build a community that supports and is sustainable.

The 2 year MASieraad Master Programme given during 2021-24
The Masterclass Program MASieraad H-A is an integrated program of the Master in Visual Arts specialization Jewellery Design, Gold and Silversmithing and post-graduate education. Successful completion of the Masterclass Program leads to a Master’s degree in Visual Arts specialization, Jewellery Design, Gold and Silversmithing and a certificate MASieraad H-A

The program consists of three parts: Studio, Context and Discourse. Lessons and workshops take place on PXL-MAD’s state of the art premises, where students are offered access to various tools and techniques, including 3d printing, laser cutting, textile, film and printing.

In our curriculum, we focus on our student’s future professional practice, for example, we will spend time analyzing markets, communities, and strategies. After finishing MASieraad H-A you can benefit from the expansive network of four renowned professionals in jewellery and design. Students gain a realistic view of the world in general and of jewellery, art, and design specifically. You have a multitude of possibilities that can be used in various areas, from design and art, to curation, writing and research.

For whom?
The small-scale concentration of jewellery, and the relationship between people, their bodies  and their environment, should arouse our participant’s interest.

MASieraad H-A expects students to accept the challenge of critically questioning jewellery, both individually and while working in groups, and to think beyond the boundaries of jewellery.

MASieraad H-A expects students to understand the importance of explorations in interdisciplinary theoretical studies as an integral part of the Masterclass program.


The core teaching team consists of Ruudt Peters, Ted Noten, Liesbeth den Besten, Estela Saez Vilanova and Kalkidan Hoex. See About for more information on the curriculum, teachers and educational projects.