badge of honour
MASieraad cherishes the word sieraad, Dutch for jewellery and embellishment in a broad sense.

The dominance of screens and keyboards makes people long for more physical and tangible experiences.

Jewellery designers deal with all physical, mental and socials aspects of human beings.

Through its small scale, concentration and intimacy in close connection with humans, jewellery extends far below the surface, a characteristic that is essential for all art and design in general.

learning model
MASieraad recognizes the making of jewellery as a way of thinking and questioning, and in that sense as innovative and applicable in other disciplines.

small scale
MASieraad is based on the idea that jewellery can only be fully appreciated as a learning model in small-scale groups.

MASieraad finds reflection through theory, such as Art and Jewellery History, Material Culture Studies, Philosophy, Phenomenology, and Semiotics, as an essential part of education.

MASieraad is an international community that makes new connections and promotes the exchange of ideas through its education programs and (on and offline) discussions.

extended learning
MASieraad is willing to offer education programmes emebedded in the knowledge and views of 8 excellent designers, artists, and theorists.

MASieraad invites other disciplines to participate and encourage contacts between educational institutions and other institutions.