MA Challenging Jewellery at Sandberg Instituut
As of September 2018, MASieraad’s first project started at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, as a temporary experimental 2-years Master called Challenging Jewellery.

The board of MASieraad selected BLESS, formed by Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss as head of the department.Design brand BLESS is based in Berlin and Paris. Bless works in the extended field of fashion, design and art.Together with MASieraad, BLESS selected 14 international students from a total number of submissions of 30+.

Among the guest teachers at Challenging Jewellery during the first and second semester are: Anne Dressen (Paris), Sachi Miyachi, Buro Belén, Louise Schouwenberg and Ben van der Wal (Netherlands), Aldo Bakker (Netherlands), Ben Lignel (Paris), Pravu Mazumdar (Munich). The board has a supervising role, while also offering one on one tutoring.